Artist Statement
Stand of Douglas Fir at Mount Rainier

Imagine the delicate shape of a spider's legs holding its body aloft. Picture yourself hiking through a forest, the scent of the trees permeating the air. Envision the flow of curves and intersecting shapes of a building. These are a few of the scenes that occupy my mind and stir my imagination. These are the seeds upon which a new design takes root and another journey begins.

I regard the objects that I craft as more than just pieces of furniture. They are the embodiment of small parts of myself; experiences that are transformed into designs. These stories originate from specific events, thoughts, or observations of the world around me which eventually coalesce into a physical object. In a sense, I view the body of my work as an autobiographical record. Each piece reveals something about myself in addition to serving as a functional object.

Beetle crawling down a sand dune

I approach my work with a sense of investigation and wonderment. Every project is like a puzzle to be solved. It involves the challenge of creating an object that has to satisfy the needs of function, form, and concept. While the end goal is to have a well crafted object when the project is completed, the paths taken to realize it are just as important, if not more so, than the final product. The entire process adds greater depth to my understanding of the work and the experience gained helps chart the course of future projects.

Although my work is a means of self expression, I am acutely aware that others before me have travelled down a similar path. Many of these people have influenced me with their fine craftsmanship and brilliant artistic vision. I value the traditions they have created and incorporate them when appropriate. This includes the application of traditional joinery techniques, interesting design styles, and the perseverance to follow my own vision. I strive to build furniture that is contemporary in nature yet maintains a quality that will be practical and attractive for generations to come.