Drawn from North African dwellings and massive rock formations, Kasbah is a stylish cabinet that will be the showpiece in any room. Two cabinets in stunning quilted maple with cocobolo inlays are securely mounted to a sturdy base of Santos Mahogany. The left cabinet houses two compartments each with a glass shelf dividing the interior while the right is left open.

With a number of possible uses, Kasbah is ideally suited for use as a liquor cabinet. Bottles can be stored in the right cabinet and barware in the left. When serving drinks, you can place an ice bucket, glasses, napkins, etc. on the tops of the boxes in addition to the table top. Each cabinet has a raised edge along the top to prevent objects from accidentally sliding off.

When not in use, Kasbah functions as a sculptural object, its practical use not readily apparent.

santos mahogany, maple, cocobolo, glass
dimensions: 51˝h x 53˝w x 28˝d


Kasbah dry bar cabinet   Kasbah dovetail detail
Kasbah doors open   Kasbah left cabinet open